CBD or Cannabidiol is among the most promising chemicals that recent research about the medicinal utilization of the cannabis plant found. CBD differs greatly from tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. THC is famed for its psychoactive properties and is beneficial in fighting seizures and increasing appetite.

On the other hand, CBD does not possess such properties and doesn't create any form of high. Rather, Cannabidiol is used in treating a variety of ailments, as found in recent peer-reviewed science. Organic CBD oil specifically can be used to battle anxiety, pain, depression and various inflammation-based disorders inclusive of bowel inflammatory disease, lupus, and arthritis. Daily, numerous individuals make use of CBD Oil to treat psychological and physical disorders where general treatments have been ineffective.

About CBD Oil

CBD is one of the various compounds in the cannabis plant known as cannabinoids. Researchers have been studying the possible medicinal uses of CBD. Oils that posses concentrations of CBD are CBD oils. They have varying uses and concentrations as well. Not until recently the most popular cannabis compound was the THC and in marijuana, it is most active compared to other ingredients. Even though marijuana contains both CBD and THC, these chemicals produce varying effects.



THC is responsible for causing a mind àltering state or high when cooked or smoked by an individual. This occurs due to the breakdown of THC when heat is applied to it and it is introduced into the body. CBD however as we have seen above does not alter the state of mind of a person when utilized by it does seem to cause drastic changes in the human body and current research has shown it offers medical benefits.

Where is CBD From?

The cannabis plant in its least processed form is hemp. Hemp possesses the majority of the CBD used medicinally by people. Marijuana and hemp stem from the same source, Cannabis sativa, but they vary greatly. For decades, marijuana farmers selectively bred plants to have THC in high quantities and various other compounds of interest to them, because of the smell produced by the compounds. Hemp farmers on the other hand scarcely modified the plant. Now, these hemp plants are utilized in the creation of CBD gummies.

How CBD Works

All cannabinoids inclusive of CBD, cause an effect in the body due to their attachment to specific receptors. The body creates certain cannabinoids by itself. It as well possesses two cannabinoids receptors, named as CB2 and CB1 receptors. CB1 receptors are found throughout the entire body, but most are in the brain. These receptors in the brain are tasked with movement, emotions, coordination, appetite, pain, memories and mood as well as other functions. THC latches unto these receptors. The other receptor type, CB2 is found more in the immune system of the body. The affect pain and inflammation. At a certain time researches believed that CBD linked to the CB2 receptors, however now it has been seen that CBD doesn't latch directly to any of the receptors. Rather, it seems to cause the body to make use of its own cannabinoids.

The Pros of CBD

1. CBD Oil does not induce Psychoactive Effects

As already stated, cannabidiol does not cause the psychoactive effects that are the typical result of using cannabis. You won't feel disorientated, giddy or strange and it doesn't increase your appetite or produce "the munchies". When properly used with the right dosage amount, CBD does not initiate any form of mental impairment making it a very safe choice for almost everyone. CBD oil will also not cause anxiety or nervousness, unlike marijuana.

2. It is a Proven Anxiety Treatment

CBD has been medically shown to treat and prevent anxiety. Various studies in Neurotherapeutics have shown that cannabidiol can treat various anxiety disorders such as ( SAD) social anxiety disorder, panic disorders, and (GAD) generalized anxiety disorder. A study in 2011 showed how CBD that was suspended in oil and used in the treatment of anxiety related to speaking in public made the patients more confident and less anxious and able to do well in public speaking.

3. Treats Inflammation Disorders Effectively

There are many disorders and diseases that internal inflammation is responsible for, and research has suggested that CBD can effectively treat all of them. This Is because CBD is a powerful medication for inflammatory medication. It works by influencing the body's endocannabinoid system. Patients who suffer from inflammatory disorders like vasculitis, arthritis, gout, acne or even allergies will certainly see the effects of this oil in preventing and treating inflammation-based diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, and metabolic syndrome.

4. Autoimmune Disorders Treatment

Since the root of the majority of autoimmune disorders is inflammation, it makes absolute sense that CBD is capable of treating it, and research backs this up. Studies have shown that cannabidiol is very useful in handling autoimmune disorders inclusive of multiple sclerosis, lupus, inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and Hashimoto thyroiditis. While doctors are searching for methods of harnessing the power of CBD into contemporary medication forms, patients are capable of treating themselves effectively with hemp oil.

5. Pain Treatment

Recent research has suggested that cannabidiol is a great pain medication without the harmful side effects related to traditional pain treatments like NSAIDs and opioids. Studies have revealed that CBD is capable of treating various headaches types like cluster headaches and migraine headaches. It can also be used in treatment for generalized pain, caused by osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia. Perhaps the most exciting aspect about utilizing CBD for pain treatment is that most times it addresses the root cause of the problem making it very effective.

6. Very Easy to Use

You do not have to swallow pills, feast on medicated candies or visit the doctor to be able to use this oil. Most patients just take in the oil at the apportioned dosage recommended to them. While others mix it with beverages or food to make the process of ingesting it very easy. If your purpose of using it is for relief from pain, you can apply it topically, as this oil is lipid-soluble. It is virtually tasteless, odor free and will certainly not create a mess. This is great for patients whose mobility is limited.

7. Avoid Pesticides

One of the problems of cannabis is the herbicides, pesticides and various chemicals used in its harvesting and growth. While there aren't enough studies on the effects these chemicals have. The best route is to pick organic CBD, especially when used for vulnerable individuals or medical patients. The ability to choose to avoid pesticides is a great benefit of using CBD.



1. CBD Oil is Void of THC

Even though this was stated above as a benefit, for certain individuals the fact it contains no THC is a con of CBD. This is because THC has specific medical pros that CBD lacks. For example, CBD cannot increase your appetite, hence it won't be useful for patients that desire to add some weight. It is also not utilized in the treatment of seizures, like THC, and could even react with certain anti-seizure medications. CBD Oil will not create any form of euphoria related to cannabis. Nevertheless, studies have revealed that using THC alongside CBD can multiply the effects of both substances.

2. It may cause Drowsiness

If you're battling with insomnia, CBD oil can be very helpful but if you want to stay awake, it may make it very hard. This is due to cannabidiols ability to initiate drowsiness when utilized in high doses. If you're just starting out with CBD and are scared of experiencing the drowsiness, you should start with the least recommended dose and slowly climb up till its effective, it's also important to avoid operating heavy machinery or driving if you are new to CBD oil till you discover the right dosage for you.

3. CBD Oil Produces Different Effects in Different People

Cannabidiol is a medicine that's on the rise and it works via interaction with the unique chemical composition of your body, inclusive of your specific endocannabinoid system.

Due to this fact, different people will require varying cannabidiol amounts to achieve their desired results. When you start, you will experience some spurs of trial and errors till you discover the correct dosage compatible with your system. Fortunately, due to the few side effects of CBD, it is quite easy to begin with a small dosage and slowly increase it.


CBD oil may not be for everyone, however, it is quite effective for a lot of people who suffer from various disorders and difficulties. Researches keep finding new purposes for cannabidiol, and even pharmaceutical companies have begun to jump in on the rave. The opportunities that CBD presents to the medical and pharmaceutical field are enormous.


Due to its pure nature unlike THC, a lot of patients are much more comfortable with the usage of CBD. What has made CBD quite appealing to patients among other things is the varying methods of usage? Patients who opt for using it can take it as a capsule, mixed in food or apply it to the body. It is certain that cannabidiol is set to revolutionize the medical field by its diverse uses and application methods.


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